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Dunder-Mifflin Infinity! (?) September 20, 2007

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What could possible get me excited enough to write in my blog again?  The Office!  Just a real quick note- I just received an email from the new, swanky, five o’clock shadow version of Ryan Howard informing me that I have been accepted into the Dunder-Mifflin Infinity program!  I still have no idea what this means, but boy am I excited to find out!

Updates coming soon! (hopefully!)


Reason #433 Why I Despise August 5, 2007

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I never wanted to use this blog as an outlet to self-actualize- that’s what I have bestfriends for.  Unfortunately my BFF’s (no, I’m not a fourteen year old girl) are, a) in a rediculously far away time zone and thusly asleep.  B) out on the town with a family friend visiting from a different state and it would be rude of me to interrupt.  And c) celebrating the night-before-closing-night of Shakespeare in the park.  Therefore, my two loyal readers of Silly Speaks, you get the inside scoop on the first (and only; fingers crossed!) installment of Silly Squawks!

Picture it: Saturday night, you’ve decided to stay in and take advantage of quite alone time (i.e. you have no friends in this strange new town).  You’ve already made dinner, enjoyed NPR’s Blue’s hour and are now cuddling up for a few hours of good old fashion net surfing.  Gmail, myspace, craigslist, credit union site- no new mail, no new comments, no new job listings, no new deposits from fairy godmother.  So, you paddle over to the fun stuff and find yourself happily floating in the sea.  After having your funny bone sufficiently tickled by Jon and Steven you surf on until the sleepies drag you away.

Yup, that sounds a lot like my night.  Except, at midnight when the little angel on my left shoulder said, “Now go and get a good nights rest”, I ignored her and instead listened to the develish right shoulder that said, “Take one more look at your myspace, just in case”.  So, I did.  There still wasn’t anything new, but I decided to look in on a few old friends and musicians who had posted bulletins.  Forty-five minutes later I was bushed and just as I was about to hit the big red X in my top right corner the right-side devil *poofed* back in and whispered, “I wonder what Mr. Big is up to?”

(Mr. Big is, yes, a Sex in the City refrence, but it also happens to be the code name I use to protect the identity of my own ex-boyfriend).

I’m glad I’m not a cat, because curiosity just kicked my behind.  I’ve known for some time that Mr. Big was seeing someone new and I’ve been dealing pretty well.  I didn’t even freak out too much when he put up a myspace pic of the two of them (which he never did with us), did I Seababble?!  But for some reason, alone in my apartment, at one a.m., without a friend to talk to, I got the wort case of love-lost syndrome.  (Oh yeah, it must have been because I was alone in my apartment, at one a.m., without a friend to talk to!)  I was never even in love with the guy!  I just miss him and his sly, know-it-all grin! Oh well.  This doesn’t take away from my strong, independent, woman of the world mystique does it?


Welcome to SLO July 20, 2007

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I’ve recently moved from Agoura Hills (Southern California) to San Luis Obispo (Central California).  I wasn’t expecting any huge culture shock; really nothing more than the feeling of moving from the suburbs to a college town, but for some reason I expected men to be much more polite.  So far I’ve pretty much kept to myself and ignored the very early twenty-somethings that live in my complex.  But today I decided to be bold.  As I was smoking my last cigarette (fingers crossed!) I heard some loud male voices from the pool neighboring my apartment.  I thought to myself, “this will be the perfect opportunity to get rid of the rest of my cancer sticks!”  So, as I took the last drag on my disgusting/delicious last cig, I wandered over to the pool and asked the four skantally clad young men if any of them smoked.  I had two takers; Kelly and Brian.  Each boy was unique in their own way but shared one trait- they were both drunk. 

As Kelly and Brian stummbled over to the gate of the pool, I immediately regretted my decision to make new friends.  After the exchange of names, the young men asked why I was so willing to part with my pieces of addiction.  When I told them I was quitting, they high fived me and said they supported my decision. . . It’s funny, when I look back on the exchange I should have been much more aware that even through sunglasses I could tell that neither boy was looking at my face with admiration, but my breasts.

Anyhow,  as the inebriated conversation went on, Kelly somehow found it necessary to say, “I sell coke.  So if you ever want to do coke off a cock, let me know“.  What!? Since when is it okay (regardless of what part of the country you live in) to speak to a complete stranger in such a digusting manner?!?!!?!?!?!?  I swear, if there wasn’t a fence between us  I would have kicked Kelly in the crotch!

So much for a warm welcome… I’m gonna go take a shower.


Y, Numero Dos July 16, 2007

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Well, I’ve had this new blog (my first real blog!) for over a week now, and let me tell you, I feel so cool.  It’s not that think I have anything ground-breaking to say, it’s just nice to know that if I do have any epiphanies I’ll have a place to share them.

That being said…. I’ve had writers block from the moment this blog was created.  Not the kind of block where I can’t think of anything to say, quite the contrary, I’ve got tons to say! (hehe) I simply can’t pin down a singular idea to concentrate on.  Suggestions on writers block remedies are greatly appreciated.


Blog post numero uno July 7, 2007

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Thanks to Chelsea and John for forcing me into creating this blog. 🙂